CHA2701-X King Arthur Pendragon Gamemaster’s Book Contents

KAP 1 GM's Book TOC
  • USING THE GAME RULES (illustration: Roe Deer)
    • The Magic of Arthur’s Britain (essay: The Thirteen Treasures of Britain)
  • CREATURES: Avanc (essay: The Virgin Ploy, illustration: The Avanc)
    • Barguest, Dwarf, and Elf (essays: Confronting the Barguest, Gawaine and the Dwarf Knight, Some Supernatural Abilities)
    • Giant (essay: The Giant of St. Michael’s Mont)
    • Kelpie, Questing Beast, Selkie (essay and Illustration: The Questing Beast)
    • Spriggan, Unicorn, Yale (essay: Miscellaneous Beasts)
  • THE PLOT: Phases One and Two (continued essay. Beasts)
    • Phases Three, Four, and Fiye (illustration: Destrier)
  • BEAST QUEST (essays: Meals and Feasts, Feast Procedure)
    • Statistics of Sir Pellinore (continued essay: Feast Procedure)
    • On the Trail of the Beast, Gwion’s Band (essay: Cost of a Feast)
    • Rescue from the Bandits (essay: The Hunt)
    • Conclusion (essay: Sample Hunt)