CHA2702 The Pendragon Campaign Contents

The Master of the Game

(text: The Rules. The Realm; side essay: Director Dramatis)

Using the Game Rules (Average Adventuring Knight Glory Table; kingdom description: Anglia)

(text: Cooperation. Communication. Command the Participants. Knowledgeable Players; side essay: Coats of Arms)

(Glory Loss from Villainy Table; text: Losing Glory. Villainous Knights; essay: Hyde; kingdom description: Benoic)

(Gift-Giving Table; text: Presentations & Gifts. Greater Rewards. Madmen. Pious Knights; kingdom description: Brittany)

Campaign Overview (text: Campaign Escalation. Changing History; essay: Campaign Phases; kingdom: Cambenet)

The Setting

The Kingdoms (kingdom: Cameliard)

Camelot (text: Description of Camelot)

Other Court Cities (text: Camelot’s Location; kingdom description: Cornwall)

Hidden Lands. Getting About (text: Roman Roads. Roads. Paths. River Travel. Sea Travel; essay: Arthurian Ships)

Encounter Tables (Traveled Distance Table; text: Rates of Travel. Roman Road Encounters; kingdom: Escavalon)

(text: encounters for Settled Lands. Open Lands. Woodland. Dense Woods; kingdom: Escoce)

(Challenge Knight Table; text: encounters for Uplands. Marsh)

(Special Encounter Tables; kingdom: Essex)

The Magic of Arthur’s Britain. Enchantment of Britain (kingdom: Estregales)

Magical People and Effects (text: Glamour Magic)

(text: Weather. Shapeshifting. Curses. Movement. Healing; essays: Boons. Doom)

(text: Emotion. Summoning and Banishment. Prophecy. Miracles. Potions; essays: Resurrection. Minor Magic)

Creatures (text: Special Potions. Other Magics) (text: Basilisk. Fachan. Faerie Horse; essay: Weasel)

(text: Fiend. Fomorian. Goblins. Griffin; essay: Yvaine Meets the Fiends) (text: Hippogriff. Lion. Manticore. Merpeople; essay: Known Facts About Lions) (text: Panther. Paulag Cat. Raven Witch)

(text: Redcap. Sluagh. Succubus. Trees)

(text: Troit Boar and Piglets. Troll. Water Cattle; essay: The Troit Boar)

The Characters

The Main Characters (text: Water Leaper. Worm. Wyvern; kingdom: France)

(King Arthur’s Chronology; text: King Arthur Pendragon; kingdom: Ganis)

(Queen Guenever’s Chronology; text: The Sons of Arthur. Queen Guenever. The Kidnapings; kingdom: Garloth)

(Sir Lancelot’s Chronology; text: Sir Lancelot. Sir Mordred; essay: Handling the Affair)

(Sir Mordred’s Chronology; kingdom: Gomeret)

The High Court and Important Clans (text: Orkney Clan. Ganis Clan. Galis Clan. Courtiers)

Knights of Note (text: Kings of Importance. Phase One Knights. Phase Two Knights; kingdom: Gorre)

(text: Phase Three Knights. Phase Four Knights; kingdom: Ireland)

The Magic Workers (text: Phase Five Knights) (kingdom: The Isles)

The Miracle Workers (kingdom: Kent)

Villains (kingdom: Logres)

The Plot

(text: Minor Characters. The Passage of Time)

Phase One: Anarchy 495-510 (text: How t o Use the Chronology)

Phase Two: Unification 510-525 (kingdom: The Long Isles)

Phase Three: Consolidation 525-540 (essay: Arthur Disinters Bran’s Head)

Phase Four: Apogee 540-555 (essay: Metamorphosis of Gwion Bach)

(map: King Arthur’s Conquests; kingdom: Lothian)

Phase Five: Downfall 555-570 (kingdom: Malahaut; sub-kingdom: Middlesex)

The Scenarios

First Session 494 (Phase Six: Postscript 570+; kingdom: Norgales)

Second Session 495

Third session

Fourth Session 496 to 499 (kingdom: Northumberland)

Fifth Session 500 to 505

Sixth Session – The Adventure at Cantrev Y Gwaelod (kingdom: Orkneys)

(kingdom: Out Isles)

(sub-kingdom: Sorestan)

(kingdom: Strangor)


Designer’s Notes

(text: Source and Setting)

(text: The Peoples. Religion; kingdom: Sugales)

(text: Places. Conclusion; sub-kingdom: Surluse; kingdom: Sussex)

(sub-kingdom: Wessex)