CHA2708 The Boy King 2nd Edition (1997)

Arthur Claims the Throne of Britain

CHA2708 The Boy King 2nd Edition 1997
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Written by Greg Stafford

Patrons Of The Arts: Roderick and Ellen Robertson

Editor: Sam Shirley

Cover Design: Sam Shirley

Cover Artwork: Stephen King

Copy Reading: Britt Daniel

Layout: Sam Shirley, Shannon Appel

Interior Artwork: Arnie Swekel

Whispering Path, Strangore, Roman War, Saxon War, Post Roman And Event Maps: Kevin Zucker Celtic Decorations, Shields, Where They Live, London, Camelot, And Forest Sauvage Maps: Gus diZerega

Contributors: Britt Daniel, William Dunn, Katherine Kerr, Michael Trout

Fourth Edition Conversions: Roderick Robertson


  • Introduction
  • Character Generation
  • Britain Before Arthur
  • Phase 1: Anarchy
  • Battles and Sieges
  • Phase 2: Unification
  • The Adventure of the Castle of Joy
  • Phase 3: Consolidation
  • Cities
  • Chronology After 531
  • The Main Characters
  • Appendices


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