CHA2709 King Arthur Pendragon 3rd Edition (1990)

Epic Roleplaying in Legenary Britain

CHA2709 King Arthur Pendragon 3rd edition 1990
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Written by Greg Stafford
Cover Illustration by Mike Weaver
Interior Illustrations by Carolyn Savoy, Lisa Free, Gus DiZeraga, Arnie Swekel, Tyanna Byerts, Michael Blum.
208 pages.

Published 1990


  • Welcome to Pendragon
  • What Your Character Knows
  • Character Generation
  • Your Family
  • Glory and Ambition
  • Game Mechanics
  • Ideals and Passions
  • Your Home
  • Wealth
  • Chivalric Duties
  • Scenarios
  • Characters and Creatures
  • Appendix


Origins Award For Best Roleplaying Adventure Of 1990


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