CHA2710 Savage Mountains (1991)

Heroic Adventures Set in the Wilds of Cambria

CHA2710 Savage Mountains 1991
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Written by Greg Stafford, Katherine Kerr, William Bridges
Cover Illustration by James Halloway
Interior Illustrations by Arnie Swekel
Maps, Celtic Decorations by Gus DiZeraga
128 pages

Published 1991


  • Introduction
  • Common Knowledge
  • Gamemaster Information
  • Map of Pendragon Cambria
  • Carlion-on-Usk
  • Stories
  • The Adventure of the Dolorous Wyrm
  • The Adventure of the Best Wine in the World
  • The Cambrian War
  • Cambrian War Handouts
  • The Adventure of the Paulag Cat
  • Sources
  • Character Sheet


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