CHA2711 Blood & Lust

Heroic Adventures in King Arthur’s Britain

CHA2711 Blood & Lust 1991
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Written by Greg Stafford, Paul Cockburn, Suzanne Courteau, Garry Fay, Leonard Wilson, Sam Shirley.
Cover Illustration by Stephen King
Interior Illustrations by Arnie Swekel
Ship Illustrations by Daryl Midgette
Maps, Celtic decorations by Gus DiZeraga
128 pages

Published 1991


  • Gamemastering Tips
  • Getting About (including ships)
  • The Adventure of the Heart Blade
  • The Adventure of the Castle of Tears
  • The Adventure of Morgan le Fay’s Challenge
  • The Dukedom of Angleland
  • The Adventure of the Stygian Stallions
  • Short Adventures
  • Bibliography
  • Introductory Handouts
  • Lover’s Solo Handout
  • Character Sheet.


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