CHA2712 Perilous Forest

Heroic Adventures in the heaths and forests of Western Cumbria

CHA2712 Perilous Forest 1992
Perilous Forest – PDF 

Written by Greg Stafford, Geoff Gillan, Sam Shirley, Michael Trout
Cover Illustration by Stephen King
Interior Illustrations by Arnie Swekel
128 pages

Published 1992


  • Introduction
  • Gamemaster Information
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Places of Interest
  • On the Road
  • Short Adventures
  • The Adventures of the Perilous Forest
  • The Adventure of the Waste Lands
  • Pendragon Releases (list)
  • Starting Handouts
  • What People Say (handouts)
  • Guide to the King’s Road (handout)
  • Character Sheets
  • Pullout Map


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