CHA2719 Lordly Domains (1997)

Land, Titles, Wealth, Prey, War, Heraldry A Player’s Guide to Noble Characters in the Time of Arthur

CHA2719 Lordly Domains 1997
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Written by James Palmer, Greg Stafford, Michael Trout, Mark Angeli, Ben Chessell, Judy Routt and Liam Routt
Cover Illustration by Stephen King
Interior Illustrations by Elise Fowler, Mark Angeli, Jason Badower, Judy Routt

Published 1997


  • Introduction
  • Noble Lands
  • Grand Events
  • Fortifications & Encounters
  • Heraldry
  • Of Allies and Enemies
  • Inside a Keep
  • Appendix


Reprinted in 1999 as GK2719 Lordly Domains

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