Guidelines for Product Pages


Products should be identified by SKU, title and year as the page title:

CHA2719 Lordly Domains (1997)

Then subtitle (Heading Block H2):

Land, Titles, Wealth, Prey, War, Heraldry A Player’s Guide to Noble Characters in the Time of Arthur

Each product should have its own picture (Image Block). Different printings should have their own picture.

The picture should be captioned with the SKU, title and year (and printing where appropriate).

Next is Title page details (written by, artists)

Year Published


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Related Products

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Each product should have a copy of its ToC on a subpage with small cover picture

Each product should have a copy of its index on a subpage with small cover picture.

Each product should have a corrections subpage (where appropriate)

Boxed sets / Slipcases

There should be a list of items in the box

Each item should have its own subpage or link to its page.

Wayne’s books is the standard for the contents of boxes:


List of relevant articles with author

Cover Guidelines

ideally 700×900, original colour, centred, captioned.