NM002 Book of Battle 1st Edition (2009)

NM002 Book of Battle 1st Edition 2009

Written by Greg Stafford

Layout: David Zeeman Special thanks to: Darren Hill

Thanks to: Robert G. Schroeder, Roberto Mandrioli, Ben Quant, Phil Anderson, Steve Ovenell, Sven Lugar, Max Brémond, Zev Trubowitch

Play Testers: David Zeeman, Matt Morich, Sven Lugar, Steve Fontaine, Adam Hubbard, Zev Trubowitch, Suzanne Courteau, Ben Quant, Alain Zijlstra, Jon Millward, John ‘Mog’ Spashett, Michael Vallely, Isaac Hee, Chris Boyce, Chip Hardeman, Ryan Vodden Also: the Continuum, Tentacles and Chimeriades convention players

Published 2009


This appears to be the Arthaus Book of Battle 1st Edition 2009 republished by Nocturnal Media with a new colour cover.

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