NM004 Book of Feasts (2018)

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Written by James Knevitt and David Larkins


The King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game created by Greg Stafford

Author: David Larkins

Feast Deck System developed by James Knevitt and David Larkins

Gaming Skill description by Greg Stafford

Inebriation rules by Malcolm Wolter

Editor: Scott Holden

Managing Editor: Greg Stafford

Proofreader: Roberto Mandrioli

Art Director: Jennifer Wieck and Malcolm Wolter

Design and Production: Malcolm Wolter

Card Design: Clay Gardner

Publishing: Alan Bahr, Stephan Wieck

Published by Nocturnal Media 2018


New version designations are editions that include corrections or additions.

Book of Feasts v1.0

Book of Feasts v1.1

Book of Feasts v1.2


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