WW17810 The Great Pendragon Campaign

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Author: Greg Stafford

Editor: Scott Holden

Managing Editor: Stewart Wieck

Art Director: Aileen E. Miles

Book Design: Aileen E. Miles

Interior Artists: John Bridges, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Larry MacDougall

Cover Artist: Michael Phillippi

Cartography: Jeff Holt

Border Designs: John Bridges


  • “Bessinger Inheritance” By Jeff Kyer.
  • “Goblin Market,” “Tournament of Overthere,” “Players,” “Lost In Faerie Solo,” “Madness Solo,” And “Fey Passion,” By Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener.
  • “Le Chevalier Sans Mémoire,” “Knight Of The Griffon,” And “Knight Of Tusks” By David Hazlett.

432 pages

Published 2006


  • Introduction
  • Rules Expansion
  • Chapter one-King Uther Period
  • Chapter Two—Anarchy Period
  • Chapter Three—Forest Sauvage
  • Chapter Four—Boy King Period
  • Chapter Five—High Adventure of the Wastelands
  • Chapter Six—Conquest Period
  • Chapter even –Romance Period
  • Chapter Eight—Tournament Period
  • Chapter Nine—Grail Quest Period
  • Chapter Ten—Twilight Period
  • Appendix One—Creatures
  • Appendix Two—Enchantment Period
  • Appendix Three—The Goblin Market
  • Appendix Four—Religions
  • Appendix Five—The Ladies of the Lake.


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