NM015 King Arthur Pendragon 5th edition (5.1) (2010)

NM??? King Arthur Pendragon 5th edition (5.1) (201o)

Written by Greg Stafford
Cover Illustration by Oliver Diaz
Interior Illustrations by John Bridges, Talon Dunning, Eric Hotz, Larry MacDougall, William O’Connor
236 pages, hardback

Published 2010


  • Introduction
  • The Pendragon Realm
  • Character Generation
  • Family and Fatherland
  • Stats and Skills
  • Game Mechanics
  • Combat
  • Ambition and Faith
  • Matters of Wealth
  • In the Future
  • Characters and Creatures
  • Scenarios
  • Battle
  • Tournaments


Nocturnal Media corrected reprint of WW17800.