CHA2701-X King Arthur Pendragon 1st Edition (1985)

Chivalric Roleplaying in Arthur’s Britain. The Game of Quest, Romance & Adventure

CHA2701 King Arthur Pendragon 1st edition boxed set cover 1985
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Written by Greg Stafford
Cover Illustration by Jody Lee
Interior Illustrations by Lisa Free, Bill Keyes, Michael Blum

Published 1985


  • Play-aids – 12 pages (Winter Events, Battle Sequence, character sheets. etc.)
  • Player’s Book – 86 pages (character generation, game system, traits and passions, skills, combat, background. etc.).
  • Gamemaster’s Book 16 pages (Magic, Creatures, Campaign outline, Bibliography, Scenario).
  • Characters Book 8 pages (27 NPC stats, common foe stats).
  • Color Map of Arthur’s Britain.
  • Dice 6d6, 1d20.
  • Catalog of current Chaosium Products.
  • Response Card
CHA2701 King Arthur Pendragon 1st edition boxed set back 1985


  • First printing has the “red landing strip” printing error on the map.
  • A boxless prelease Gen Con edition may exist.
  • CHA2701 King Arthur Pendragon 2nd edition was never published.
  • The -X in Chaosium’s SKUs means it’s a boxed set.