CHA2716 King Arthur Pendragon 4th Edition (1993)

Epic Roleplaying in Legendary Britain

CHA2716 King Arthur Pendragon 4th Edition 1993
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Written by Greg Stafford, with Sam Shirley
Cover Illustration by Stephen King
Interior Illustrations by Lisa Free, Gus DiZeraga, Carolyn Savoy, Arnie Swekel, Teanna Byerts, Michael Blum, Gus DiZeraga
352 pages

Published 1993


  • Welcome to Pendragon
  • What Your Character Knows
  • Character Generation
  • Your Family
  • The Lands
  • The Peoples
  • Glory and Ambitions
  • Women
  • Game Mechanics
  • Ideals and Passion
  • Religions
  • Your Home
  • Wealth
  • Chivalric Duties
  • Magician Character Generation
  • Magic and Faerie
  • Scenarios
  • Characters and Creatures
  • Appendices
  • Index


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